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About Mice

Mice are a very common rodent here in Oregon and there are many more of them than people think. Mice are omnivores, they eat both plants and meat. Their diet ranges from seeds and grains, fruits, waste, and will even eat each other if food is scarce. Mice are also very athletic creatures. They are able to squeeze through holes around 6mm big and can jump up to 25 cm high. Considering that mice tend to be anywhere from 3 to 10 cm big, being able to jump that far is a feat. Mice are also known to chew on wiring, waterline, and duct work, so they can end up costing you a lot of money.

How to Prevent Mice

Since mice can fit through such small holes, it is fairly difficult to keep them out. The main way to prevent mice is exclusion. You need to make sure that they have no access point to gain entry into your home or building. Mice can also spread diseases through their droppings. One well known disease that is spread through mice is the hantavirus, which has been blames on the deer mouse. Being exposed to mice dropping can be very harmful and there are special precautions to take wherever you are trying to clean them up. Fuller's Pest Management offers quality exclusion work with a warranty that guarantees we will solve your rodent problem. We also offer a clean out of all the rodent dropping as well as sanitise the the area.

I live out in the deep country and recently moved into a property that had a fair amount of neglect over the past few years. Out here there are all sorts of critters and creatures that naturally nest themselves in the structures and areas that are not maintained. Needless to say my property had some serious infestation issues. Scott took care of my issues!!!
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