Rat pest control


There are three types of rats that live here in Oregon. Those being the roof rat, wood rat, and norway rat, each having its similarities to each other as well as very different attributes. Rat are also very good at adapting to their conditions that are around them, one of them being the presence of humans. It has been said that without humans, rats could possibly not survive.

Roof Rats

Roof Rats (Rattus rattus linnaeus) are a very common rat found in Oregon. Their adult size ranges from 13-18 inches. One way to tell if it is a roof rat is that their tail is longer than the length of their body. Roof Rats are native to the continent of Asia. They are called roof rats, not because they live on roofs, but rather because of their ability to climb. Roof rats are experts at climbing and have a vertical jump around 2 feet. Roof rats will almost eat anything they can get in to, they life fruit, seeds, vegetables, grain, and meat. Roof rats have a longer body compared to the Norway rat. They also have a pointed snout compared to the rounded snout of a Norway rat.

Norway Rat

Norway Rats (Rattus norvegicus) is a rat that is found in every state across the United States. The body of the Norway rat is around 6-8 inches long when at adult age. The Norway rat's diet is based more around carbohydrates and proteins. An adult Norway rat will weigh around 12-16 ounces. One way to tell the difference between a roof rat and a Norway rat is their droppings. Norway rats will have more of a rounded edge while a Roof rat will have a sharp end. Norway rats are also one of the best at digging and living in burrows or tunnels underground.

How to Prevent Rats

The best way to prevent you from having a rat problem is to not allow them access into your residence or building. The main way to do that is through exclusion work, you want to plug or fix any point of entry that a rat could get into. A rat can squeeze through a hole around the size of a quarter, so any hole of that size or larger needs to be plugged. Fuller's Pest management has had years of experience doing rodent exclusion work and provides every job with a guarantee. We do advise that if you are having a rat problem and they are getting under your house that you DO NOT put out any sort of bait. Too often this happens and a rat will die under the house and cause a terrible smell that can last up to two weeks or even longer in certain ambient weather and conditions.

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